CloudSnooze is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution identifying and eliminating cloud resource waste. This will reduce your cloud costs by at least 65%. Many organizations use CloudSnooze to incorporate cost control into their DevOps systems, optimizing and managing their cloud expenditure.

Signing up is free and easy:
  • Sign up for your SmartSnooze account. No credit card required.
  • Connect this account to your cloud service provider.
  • Start “snoozing” to save on your cloud costs. You can set regular “snoozing” intervals or on/off times, or alternatively use SmartSnooze to optimize your usage even further.
With cloud service platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Alibaba Cloud, businesses are able to access computing services without having to outlay initial costs.

Clients pay for the amount of time the service is “on”, which can be around the clock, unless you manually switch it off. This means that clients are paying for computing time that they’re not using, especially outside of working hours (overnight and on the weekend). With CloudSnooze, you schedule on/off times and therefor only pay for the time you actually use the service.
CloudSnooze can be used with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba Cloud.
CloudSnooze starts and stops your resources according to the schedule that you configure, optimizing your costs.
Scripting your own scheduling resource is time consuming and may distract from your core business, as it will require maintenance and require considerable resources. Most businesses find CloudSnooze’s pricing more effective than scripting their own solution.

CloudSnooze offers a range of pricing models to cater for your specific needs. Standard clients are charged on a monthly subscription basis, the amount of which is linked to the cloud resources in your account. Different tiers of pricing are available, including a free service. Learn more. 

An alternative option is to pay only a percentage of what our service saves you. Here, you pay only according to how much you benefit from CloudSnooze. Learn more. 

We have no hidden fees or upfront costs.

No, CloudSnooze is completely web-based and can be accessed using any web browser.

For this simple process, you need about 15 minutes: 

You can use SmartSnooze to automatically snooze your servers based on your server utilization levels when they’re not in use. You can also set up schedules based on your preferences, which are typically linked to working hours.

Typically, our users save around $15 for every dollar they spend on CloudSnooze.

Currently CloudSnooze works with Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) and Azure Scale Sets. There are future iterations for AWS, GCP and Alibaba Cloud.

You start saving immediately when you snooze with CloudSnooze.

You can select any time zone for your snoozing schedules. For example, if your team is based in London, you can choose the GMT time zone.


The CloudSnooze platform offers several reporting options, including resource based, financial and administrative reports. All of these are designed to help users see what they are saving. All reports can be emailed or downloaded.

Once your free trial period has ended, you can continue using CloudSnooze as a paid option, or use the free subscription option. You can continue using the free tier option for as long as you wish. 

Your account will be deleted if it is not in good standing or a valid cloud provider credential is not maintained for 30 days.