Key Features

Real-time Resource Management

Manage your cloud resource in real-time with the light switch option to turn on/off anytime.

Usage Pattern resource Management

Pattern or Blind Resource Management, based on CPU monitoring of the resource.

Schedule Resource management

Schedule/Fixed Resource management for example daily work time.

Hybrid Resource management

You can combine all the resource management method by choosing the Hybrid option.

Admin Dashboard

Effective management of all your cloud resources – different accounts, regions and providers – from a single view.


View, download, email and print reports


Get email notifications of all updates and activity.

API Integration

Manage & integrate CloudSnooze into your existing processes for continuous control.

Single Sign On

Login and manage users with a single sign-on.

We Cut Your Cloud Bills

Each cloud resource you set up on platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Alibaba Cloud, continues to run until you switch it off. You get billed for every second of this.

Non-production resources, such as development and testing, are usually only required during working hours. This means that you only need them for 8 hours a day, or 40 hours a week. If these resources remain active around the clock, 65% of your cloud resource bill is wasted!

With CloudSnooze, reducing this waste is easy. Simply schedule these servers to be switched off when they’re not needed. If your staff works remotely and from different time zones, they might need to access these resources outside of normal working hours, in which case you could use SmartSnooze. SmartSnooze automatically switches off your server when no activity is detected for a predetermined amount of time.

In addition to minimizing costs, CloudSnooze also lets you have a clear overview of all your Azure resources in one place. Now it’s easy to manage users and generate reports on your cloud expenditure and savings.

CloudSnooze is quick and easy to set up. In less than 10 minutes, you can have everything set up and linked without any initial installation or integration. Try it for free.