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Get a clear overview of your current cloud resources. You can manage all these resources in one place.


Schedule your snooze times to stop and start cloud resources based on your working hours or let SmartSnooze automatically snooze

Key Features

Real-time Resource Management

Manage your cloud resource in real-time with the light switch option to turn on/off anytime.

Usage Pattern resource Management

Pattern or Blind Resource Management, based on CPU monitoring of the resource.

Schedule Resource management

Schedule/Fixed Resource management for example daily work time.

Hybrid Resource management

You can combine all the resource management method by choosing the Hybrid option.

Admin Dashboard

Effective management of all your cloud resources – different accounts, regions and providers – from a single view.


View, download, email and print reports

How we reduce cloud cost

What is Cloud Waste
Cloud waste constitutes spending money on cloud resources that you’re not using. In order to better understand this, imagine that the public cloud is your utility. Just like your water and electricity at home, you are billed for cloud resources according to usage. Just like your water and electricity, cloud resources are “on” by default, unless a user manually turns them off.

Water and electricity is wasted and paid for unnecessarily when lights are left on or taps are left open when no one is using them. Similarly, cloud resources are wasted when a server is left running while no one is using it. This is especially true in the case of non-production servers being left on outside of business hours, such as at night or over weekends.

If allowed to continue unchecked, this cloud waste could add up to enormous costs, constituting a large portion of your cloud resources. These resources could have been spent on critical matters. Instead, it is diminishing the budget available for important aspects that could propel the business forward.

Gartner suggests that up to £6 billion is annually spent on wasted cloud resources.

How to Reduce Cloud Waste
CloudSnooze offers a simple and innovative solution to cloud waste reduction. This system scans your cloud service, determining which portions are needed and which should be switched off. START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL