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Real time resource management

As well as giving customers the option to use other resource management options, Cloudsnooze has built-in real-time resource management options.

Resource Management 

The real-time option for managing resource integrates tightly with the application for example SAP and executes resource allocate and reallocate decisions based on actual state of the system. Let us consider a typical Enterprise use case scenario.

An ERP system comprise several system performing different functions with the landscape for example and order to cash application or an APO (Advanced planning optimization scenario) Now when an order is placed, the ERP system send an RFC call to the APO system and waits for a response, during this period, if a pattern matching resource utilization is employed where systems utilization determination is based on CPU, the ERP system would show up as being idle. With real-time resource management ,

Cloudsnooze verifies the state of the ERP system by looking at the jobs running, RFC queues, users connected and systems utilization to determine if any of the application servers is ripe for dallocation.

Note that cloudsnooze provides several resource management options to help fine tune the decision making algorithm. The reverse occurs during the process of resource allocation. Cloudsnooze uses real-time information from the system to allocate servers based on system load.

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