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What is cloudsnooze budget positive or neutral option.

At cloudsnooze, we understand the impact of cloud subscription on organization budgets and also the impact of budgeting Image result for cloud budgetlife cycle on time to adopt.

So one of a most popular propositions to our customers is our savings sharing concept of “No saving, No fee” with the fees being as low as 30%* of total cloud savings we help you achieve.

Off course, total monthly savings depends on your business model and resource management options, we are still confident that choosing cloudsnooze will help manage your ever increasing cloud budget with saving up to 60% on your non-production environment and up to 40% in your production* environment.
Why the difference between production and non production savings.

In enterprise SAP environments, non-production system can be as much as ⅔ of the entire landscape, being able to implement the best resource management and higher scope for application availability flexibility results in higher deallocate to allocate cycle, hence greater savings.

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