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Managing systems availability with Cloudsnooze

Systems Availability

In large enterprise scenario, where you have production environment setup in 3-tier application mode, meaning that you have the database layer with high availability connection to the resource management layer and also cluster any number of front end application server to server user request.. So the from end Application server becomes the load carrier in the architecture, collecting user request and requesting data from the database and processing and sending results to the requester.

The role of processing requests means that as utilization increases especially during periods of high transaction, the performance degrades, thus impacting user experience, productivity and availability.


CloudSnooze helps alleviate this by automatically provisioning predefined number of application server to accommodate this dynamic increase in systems utilization.


The ratio of increase can be with default set 2 and the maximum set to 256. The difference between CloudSnooze functionality and that provided by most cloud provides, like Azure is that CloudSnooze integrates directly with your application like SAP and updating the logon load balances without manual intervention.


Inversely, as utilization returns to normal, cloudsnooze drains and deallocates servers removing excess capacity in your infrastructure.





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