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Container Management: the Next Cloud Management Innovation

Efficiency is incredibly important when it comes to cloud management. To this end, containers help optimize your cloud infrastructure. In short, containers are tools that allow you to package your applications to run basically anywhere, in isolation from the rest of your infrastructure. This reduces the time needed for configuration when deploying to production.


How big is the Container Market?

Before launching or purchasing a tool to manage containers, companies need to understand whether or not this is actually worth it. The best way to judge this is by looking at the size of the market. Docker and Kubernetes are the main players in this field, commanding the largest portion of market share. Similar services are offered by cloud service providers (CSP), but these are generally not as competitive.

In 2018, this market was estimated at $1.5B by industry publications, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30%. If this growth rate is realized, this is definitely a smart market to invest in.


How to do Container Management

It’s all fair and well saying that you need container management, but how do you go about it? This process shares some common themes with broader cloud management: orchestration, security, monitoring and optimization. All of these should work together to reduce cloud cost, since this is becoming a major expense for many companies.


Each of these constitutes a field of their own. For optimization alone, there are five main aspects to consider when reducing cloud costs:

-          Pod rightsizing

-          Idle Pod snoozing

-          Node rightsizing

-          Storage opportunity revision

-          Purchase option revision


Is Container Management Necessary?

When you use containers, you are able to optimize and increase the efficiency of your applications, rendering them more lightweight and much easier to access and deploy. On the downside, this is akin to on-demand computing resources, which are easily wasted, since they are on and paid for, even when they are idle. Containers must also be right-sized, allowing them to be large enough for usage spikes and small enough not to waste space.

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